Curso de Movilización de Pacientes

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Training course on the mobilisation of patients


08:07 Minuten


Techniques and recommendations for the management of patients with reduced mobility with the aim to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders.


Diffusion of good practices in terms of mobilization of patients in regard to management systems and continuous improvement in preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the health sector.


The product is part of the prevention activities developed by FREMAP as collaborating entity of the Social Security. The product observes the criteria and priorities set by the organisation. The main reason to producethe film was the significant percentage of musculo-skeletal disorders in the health sector attended by FREMAP in previous years. The medium film was regarded as best strategy facilitate the dissemination process of the information. The medium is best to fit social networks and companies internal training platforms. And the medium supports the interaction of workers thus achieving a high level of acceptance among them.


Employees of the companies associated to FREMAP and workers on their own account.

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FREMAP, M.A.A.T.E.P.S.S. Nº 61
Ctra. de Pozuelo61, Spain-28222 Majadahonda

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Ancano Producciones, S.L.
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