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Curso animado e interactivo de las cinco reglas de oro para el sector eléctrico en baja, media y alta tensión.

Titel Englisch

Animated and interactive course of the five golden rules for the electricity sector in Low, Medium and High voltage.



The course of the five golden rules for low, medium and high voltage, was developed with the aim of having a playful tool for technical education in electrical engineering that would reinforce learning, both in plant workers and contractors.

The course has a series of interactive modules, in which the generalities of electrical engineering are first explained. Later, each of the golden rules is explained in detail through games, videos and audios. The course ends with an evaluation module, which compiles each of the reinforced concepts and allows us to observe the worker's understanding of the content.

The company for which this initiative was developed is ENEL - CODENSA - COLOMBIA, with whom we have promoted a series of projects for the protection of workers and the prevention of electrical risk.

Ziel und Zweck

The key message of this course is that prevention is better than rehabilitation and that workers should strive for self-care.

The course was held in 2017, as a reinforcement program for ENEL's - CODENSA COLOMBIA own contractors and workers. We developed all the technical and graphic content in order to promote good labour practices for the electricity sector.

The course emphasized the fourth golden rule, which is the installation of temporary grounding and also on the lessons learned, which are accidents and incidents cases that have occurred in different countries. This way, an impact and awareness was raised among employees.



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