100% Sécurité: l'ambition d'EIFFAGE

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100% Safety : The ambition of EIFFAGE


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The video presents EIFFAGE Infrastructures Division's Health and Safety policy and the tools and innovations that go with it.

The video focuses on EIFFAGE's "100% Safety" approach, which is based on three founding principles: REQUIREMENT, EXEMPLARITY and DISCIPLINE. This approach aims above all to seek the best level of protection for employees, subcontractors and partners by constantly striving for the highest level of safety performance at every stage of its projects. For EIFFAGE, operational excellence is inseparable from safety performance. Zero accidents at any given moment are not accepted as a given outcome. The key to the accident-free completion of projects is the intransigence, constancy and pugnacity of our employees in their research and their ability to act collectively on any type of deviation, anomaly or near-accident: 100% safety.

EIFFAGE's Health and Safety policy for the Infrastructure division is also a key element:

Promoting its "100% Safety" ambition: to be the benchmark company in terms of Health & Safety at work.

Provide adequate resources and ensure that staff have the training, tools, knowledge and skills necessary for the successful and safe execution of our projects: The video is a reminder of the training programs.

Safeguard the health and safety of employees, all staff and third parties who may be impacted by the activities:

Accessibility: Chemical analysis tool

Formula Safe: a tool for designing chemical products with the lowest health impact.

Ironhand®: Bionic glove that limits the risk of musculoskeletal disorders with an 82% reduction in hand effort.

Apply without exception the 20 Eiffage fundamental safety requirements and ensure zero tolerance to any deviation.

Anticipate all activities by systematically identifying and assessing health and safety risks: The video highlights the foundation of organizational procedures and processes: the Safety Prevention Guide (GPS).

Promote real-time risk assessment in order to identify and act on variations in safety standards, however small they may seem, as early as possible: The video highlights the connected SAFETY FORCE® tool.

Ziel und Zweck

The video's message is initially aimed at EIFFAGE employees and aims to unite around EIFFAGE's Safety ambition, while at the same time reinforcing the company's "100% Safety" culture. The video will focus on the tools and innovations that the majority of employees are familiar with and have mastered.

The video also provides an opportunity to present EIFFAGE's health and safety policy and its ambitious goals, which stem directly from the commitment of senior management, to people outside the company.

The "100% Safety" approach featured in the video highlights an approach that is still not widely used in the industry: no longer focusing solely on "0 accidents" - an objective with negative connotations - but seeking 100% performance by addressing risks, however small they may seem.

The design of the video is a constant reminder of the SAFETY FORCE® tool, which enables all EIFFAGE employees to apply the 100% safety concept and measure the safety performance level of all worksites, site by site, in real time.


EIFFAGE's Health & Safety Policy has reached a turning point. One of the objectives was to strengthen the company's safety culture by giving a positive aspect to occupational risk prevention.

On the other hand it has become apparent that focusing excessively on the objective of 0 Accidents does not always make it possible to be aware of what is happening before the accidental event and does not make it possible to identify or act on variations in safety standards, however slight they may appear, as far upstream as possible before the hazardous situation or accident. This analysis is often illustrated using the James Reason model: acting on failures in the safety management system before the accident occurs.

These two components are at the origin of the search for performance or the 100% Safety approach.

The effectiveness of this approach was only possible if all employees were themselves involved in the company's safety performance. This is why Eiffage has created and made available to all employees a certain number of programs, tools and innovations".


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