Sumando Kilómetros

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Adding Kilometers


Sumando Kilómetros, a health promotion intervention to increase physical activity.  

Ziel und Zweck

  • The most important aspects of this intervention were:


To increase the percentage of physical activity of Progreso employees, by participating in the Sumando Kilómetros challenge during 2019.

407 employees participated, of which 204 constantly registered their physical activity in the platform. 75% of the population were men and 25% women.

At the end of the intervention 94% of participants reached the physical activity recommendation of the World Health Organization.  The increase of physical activity was 16 % (p<0.001). It being statistically significant. To understand the  project’s impact, after the intervention employees had 4.1 times more chance of performing physical activity OR (1.69 - 10.02).

Within the perceived benefits it was found that 95% of the participants were motivated to
acquire, retake or keep the habit of physical activity, 81% perceived improvement on their health status and/or physical condition and 66% perceived an improvement of their emotional wellness.

85% of the surveyed rated between “excellent” (46.6%) and “good” (37.9%) the overall intervention. The opportunity of growth was to simplify the platform and/or mobile app.



Sumando Kilómetros managed to significantly increase the practice of physical activity in participants. Within the framework of the internal Occupational Health and Safety policy, it is considered that this intervention adds from the private initiative, to the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Guatemala is currently on an epidemiological and nutritional transition with increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. Considering workplace as a priority for health promotion, Progreso is continuously implementing different activities to help to improve employees health one of them is Sumando Kilómetros.



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