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DROPS - Choice not Chance

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DROPS - Choice not Chance


00:07:17 - 7 min and 17 sec Minuten


Everyday we take choices, but how often we take time to think about their consequences? ‘Choice, Not Chance’ is a high emotional impacting short film that shows the episode of a work accident due to a dropped objects, in order to investigate in an innovative and engaging way about complex themes as the habit to the risk, the lack of rules observation, personal responsibility and permanent inability due to work injuries. The powerful storyline centers around two friends and their families, following the tragic events that unfold due to a very simple, but negative personal choice, and a willingness to take a chance.


Apparently meaningless actions and violations repeated daily can contribute to create a wrong culture of safety that would sooner or later lead to a dramatic event. The film, recreating an inclusive and recognizable environment where people can feel they can connect to because it ‘speaks’ to them, reflecting their own everyday ‘way of life’, is meant to raise a deep reflection about the consequences of a wrong choice, both on professional and personal level, that could change forever our lives and the lives of the people close to us: family, friends, colleagues.


Following several high potential incidents where dropped objects were involved, Saipem E&C Offshore Division decided to tackle that negative trend and developed in 2017 a structured campaign related to the IOGP Dropped Object Life Saving rule. Considering the complexity and effort required to implement the technical part, it was decided to develop an impacting launching video to support the launch of the campaign. The video produced by the Saipem LHS Foundation team was meant to catch emotionally the attention of the viewers, allowing them to understand the importance of the subject, and then commit the implementation of all the technical tools developed. The idea was to develop something applicable to Saipem’s Offshore reality, that could at the same time create an experience enabling any employee to personally transpose into the roles of the characters, sharing their situations, actions, attitude and emotion in order to engage the people in the adoption of more safe behaviours and practices.


Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training at Saipem and General Secretary of LHS Foundation will personally attend the World Congress in Toronto and is available to present the project. He was one of the winners at the Prevention Media Festival in Frankfurt in 2014 with the film “What Comes First”.


HSE specialist, Employee, Citizenry


Saipem's internal campaign

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