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L'autre moi

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The other me


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Erine's podcast discusses her severe burnout (45 min. approx.) "It's like... I was actually two people.. There was the intrinsic me, Erine, the dynamic, jovial woman, who always says ‘It's okay, it's going to be fine’ etc. Then, there was the other Erine, the shadow of myself, the darkest part of me with the darkest thoughts, which I repressed a lot. In fact, I didn't want to let this second Erine out, because I couldn’t accept her condition, her unhappiness, her fragility, or vulnerability. I couldn’t accept that I had perhaps been ravaged by professional distress."

Ziel und Zweck

Voices of Hope is a transmedia project featuring testimonials from individuals who have overcome or are currently battling depression (podcasts, animated films...). It aims to inspire and inform the public, as depression can affect people of any age group or social class. Voices of Hope is a heartfelt project, that takes shape and shines through personal stories of struggle with depression and the journey towards recovery. Depression can resemble a long dark tunnel, or an impenetrable night, but we believe that a glimmer of hope can pierce even the darkest darkness, that life after depression is possible and that it can give hope to many. Kèota Dengmanara, who witnessed people around her struggling with depression and receiving lifelong treatment from a young age, initiated this project and assembled a team to bring it to fruition.



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