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  • La santé et la sécurité au travail s’affichent : une exposition et un site dédié

La santé et la sécurité au travail s’affichent : une exposition et un site dédié

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Health and security at work : the INRS posters exhibition on line


This exhibition features more than 70 posters representative of the INRS' action since 1947 to inform and raise awareness among workers on occupational risk prevention. It shows the importance in everyday life of a shared culture of prevention through safety posters, a sociologically and historically significant graphic heritage of the INRS.   


This exhibition offers an immersion in more than 70 posters highlighting the evolution of prevention messages through the ages. This exhibition is divided into 3 parts:

- the culture of prevention, changes in the world of work and occupational risks;

-the look at the worker: from culprit to actor of prevention;

- the graphic view of the poster artists on prevention.

Beyond the retrospective look, this immersion proposes in "And the poster in 2040" to look to the future in order to raise awareness and challenge new audiences. How can the traditional poster meet the new generations of workers who have a different relationship to information? What channels should be used for tomorrow's prevention messages? Will the nature of the messages change?... These are all questions that INRS is asking itself in order to develop and adapt its information offer.


Since 1947, INRS posters have been faithful markers of the evolution of society and the world of work. They have been put up in workshops, factories, warehouses, construction sites or offices to raise awareness and inform workers about health and safety at work.

The posters proposed in this exhibition cover many sectors of activity and all the occupational hazards that may be encountered in the world of work. These posters alert, inform or raise awareness about the gestures or behaviors to adopt in order to avoid exposing oneself to the risk of an occupational accident or disease.

Created to mark the 70th anniversary of INRS, this exhibition was designed and produced in three versions: a travelling physical exhibition, an interactive terminal and an online exhibition.



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