Mental Well-Being. It Matters.

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Mental Well-Being. It Matters.


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An animation film portraying the importance of mental well-being at workplace. The video starts out with a team-bonding training exercise whereby workers have to perform a standard trust fall exercise. It illustrates that trust between co-workers is vital especially when it comes to achieving workplace safety and health.

Moving onwards to the next scene, we see that a lack of mental well-being may jeopardize safety, such as forgetting to don on safety harness. However, with faith and trust in fellow colleagues, sharing with them your woes will lighten one's emotional burdens. When workers' mental state is at his or her optimal, they are more likely to be aware of safety standards and abide by it. It is almost impossible to achieve safety without one's mental well-being, more so in high risk industries such as construction.

Dedicating this animation film to all workers in Singapore, who have tirelessly built up Singapore's infrastructure to what it is today.


We believe that Health and Safety comes hand in hand. Aside from physical health, workers' mental health is also of utmost importance when it comes to workplace safety. More often not, workers working in Singapore construction sector faces time pressure, environmental effects (heat, dust, pollution), hard labour and time away from home. All these may affect their mental well-being. However, we have been too focus on advocating about workplace safety and (physical) health, that we may have neglected about their mental well being. This short animation film is dedicated to all workers and we, at Wong Fong Academy, will like them to know that they matter to us. Their overall well-being matters!


Safety Officers and Managers / company leaders

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