#MortelTonTaf , La web-série qui va te sauver la vie au travail !

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#MortelTonTaf , The web serie that will save your life at work!




“#MortelTonTaf : the web-series that will save your life at work!! …

To raise awareness of occupational risk prevention among young working people, the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) is launching the #MortelTonTaf web series. Inés Reg of the Comedy Club deals with young people in companies facing risks with humor. A website and a communication campaign accompany the release of this new series.

In 6 episodes, the sparkling Inès Reg from the Comedy Club parodies all the preconceived ideas on risks in companies: "It's part of the job" "It only happens to others" "Prevention is complicated"... Her striking formulas hit the nail on the head: "Workplace accidents are like the lottery, 100% of the winners have tried their luck except that with accidents, if you win you have everything to lose!

A website http://www.mortel-ton-taf.fr/ provides information on the many risks to which young working people may be exposed: noise, drugs, stress, musculoskeletal disorders, falls, road and chemical risks. For each risk, a personalized course is proposed with a self-diagnosis test, information on risk factors, effects on work, the right people to talk to in the company, practical advice... and all the documentary resources of the INRS.

In parallel with the launch of the web series and the website, a promotional campaign was broadcast in June 2019 on the web and social media, with a competition to win tickets to the Jamel Comedy Club show.


The goals and messages of #MortelTonTaf :

  • trigger the click or look prevention
  • integrate the culture of prevention into the working life of young workers
  • orient audiences towards tools for action
  • raise awareness on certain priority prevention topics for the INRS".


#MortelTonTaf : the web-series that will save your life at work!! …

Although young people are not always aware of the risks encountered at work, they are the first to be affected by accidents at work.

In France, the frequency index of workplace accidents among young people under 30 years of age is nearly 1.5 times higher than that of the rest of the workforce. It is during the transition period from school to working life that this population is most vulnerable because it is both young and new to employment. For the year 2017, nearly 50% of work-related accidents among the under-30s will have occurred during their first year of employment".             



Young workers not captive to occupational risk prevention


MortelTonTaf, the web-series that will save your life at work!

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