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Nancy's Story

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Nancy's Story


4 minutes Minuten


This is a documentary-style video featuring an injured person and some of the people who helped them recover.


When work-related mental health issues had Nancy doubting everything about her life, she knew it was time to ask for help.


Work-related mental health issues can have profound effect on us. Being able to talk about what we're going through, and being able to ask for help can literally save a life. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s highest priority is providing support to help get injured workers back on the job in good time and in good health. Today, 92 per cent of injured workers are back at work within one year of their injury at full wages.


People in Ontario who have jobs

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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario (WSIB)
200 Front Street West, ca-M5V 3J1 Toronto
+1-416-344-2890 - +1-647-328-5210