Return to Work Programme

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Return to Work Programme


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The video summarized the Return to Work Programme and how it benefits both the employers and their injured workers.


With the right support from employers, companies and healthcare partners, an injured worker can recover well and return to work once again.


The Return To Work (RTW) Programme will help workers who suffer from traumatic work injuries and work-related musculoskeletal injuries phase themselves into work as soon as medically reasonable. It is an initiative to provide early intervention to help injured workers regain their work ability and long-term employability and ensure that they contribute to economic productivity at the workplace.

The hospital-based RTW Coordinator is the key liaison person between all the stakeholders. He/she will communicate with the doctors, allied healthcare professionals, employer and injured worker to understand the medical condition and job demands of the worker to assist in the development and implementation of the RTW plan to help transit the worker back to work in a step-by- step or graduated process.



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