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IMFP Nominees Announcement 2023

Group 6: Cracking Challenging Cultures

Media is a great means of successfully addressing challenging but very important issues in “hard to reach” industries. Creating healthy and safe workplaces is not just raising awareness of healthy and safe processes. Ultimately, health and safety rely on behaviors. Many submissions shine a light on and deal with cracking the silence around unhealthy and unsafe cultures surrounding issues like mental health, risk attitudes and peer pressure. These are the nominated entries from this group:

Group 5 - Delivering safety

Driving is one of the most dangerous work activities. It contributes to more serious injuries and work-related accidental deaths than all other work activities. But in addition to the risks that one can encounter on the road, there are other risks that are not always visible. Good mental health and wellbeing are very important matter in prevention. These are the nominated entries in this group:

Group 4 - Vive la difference

Variety is the spice of life and it is also a key component in prevention. Films are produced on a wide range of topics with different treatments recognising change in the workplace and the growing importance of social media. Film entries come from all corners of the world with approaches reflecting different cultures, languages, the people and their work. The nominated films in this group are:

Group 3: Leveraging New Media

The entries in this category illustrate thoughtful ways of leveraging new media. Although many new media have created more effective pathways to communicate OSH, “new” is not always better or enough. Sometimes the most effective use of new media is in partnership with traditional media. Sometimes the most effective use of new media is using it in unexpected ways. The nominated entries from this group are:

Group 2: Tell me a story

Storytelling is a powerful tool in prevention. Stories are integral to our lives, and have great power to change or influence how we think and how we react. They create memories and can inspire strong emotions, which also helps to convey the prevention message effectively. Emotion has taken over from the traditional training film. These are the nominated entries from this group:

Group 1: Short Cuts

The first group of nominees is called “Short cuts”. Short films play an important role in prevention by communicating messages in a clear and simple way. As a result, films are much shorter, too. Twenty years ago most OSH films were 20 minutes or more in length. Today they are often no more than 2 or 3 minutes - sometimes even seconds! These are the nominated entries from this group: