Title translated into English

3D film

Film: Duration in minutes

1 minutes

Product description

Location: Garage. A car mechanic apprentice goes to his workplace. He meets colleagues who do not behave properly, he reminds them to protect themselves. Especially a young worker who does not wear protective goggles during welding. Change of scene. In the cinema in a row of seats sits the first boy flanked by two pretty girls and enjoys himself with popcorn while waiting for the start of the film. Behind him we see the other employee who didn´t use protective goggles during welding, with a blindfold ... Boy 1 looks back at him, then puts the 3D glasses on (as in the garage) and turns with a smug smile back to the screen. The logo and claims “be smart work safe - those who understand have more of their leasure time” are shown.

Aims and objectives

Be a smart worker: those who understand have more leasure time Guidelines and rules do not always fall on understanding ears of adolescents. The message "Be a smart worker: Those who understand have more leasure time" shows them the impact of incorrect/risky behavior in the workplace on their free time.

The issue work safety is often of secondary importance to young people. The start into working life, long working days, assuming responsibility and getting along in the world of adults present a major challange to young employees. Rules at work seem to be just as negligible as wearing a safety helmet. Topics like friends, sports or party are much more interesting to talk about than the issue work safety. The awareness campaign "be smart work safe" therefore shows young people in a congenial and target group-oriented way why work safety is important and why it's worth it to behave in a safe manner at work to protect themselves from harm.

Target audience

Young employees between 15 and 20 years, apprentices, students, trainees and temporary workers

Contact details Editor

Eidgenössische Koordinationskommission für Arbeitssicherheit EKAS
Fluhmattstrasse1, Switzerland-6002 Luzern
+41(0)263503657 www.safeatwork.ch

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cR Lichtspiele GmbH
Reitergasse11, Switzerland-8004 Zürich
+41(0)793300787 www.lichtspiele.ch