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Administracion de la seguridad de los procesos

Title translated into English

Management of safe processes

Film: Duration in minutes

60 minutes

Product description

Our mission at PEMEX is to maximise the economic value of the reserves of crude oil and natural gas in the country, ensuring the safety of our facilities and our staff, all in harmony with the community and environment to continue to be a safe and reliable company. To achieve this objective, we implemented the safety management subsystem (related to processes)(ASP). The main goal is to guide the workers of PETROLEOS MEXICANOS to continuous improvement in their performance in terms of occupational safety and health as well as environmental protection through risk management of operations and processes. The subsystem ASP consists of 14 elements which are classified into 3 groups: • TECHNOLOGY • FACILITIES/INSTALLATION • STAFF/PERSONNEL These elements of the subsystem interact with the objective to control process risks and prevent industrial accidents. With regard to technology, it is important that each installation has an updated technological package that includes information on the risks of materials, basic information about the design of processes and equipment. Moreover it shall have an updated risk analysis to identify and evaluate and eliminate risks associated with processes. Likewise the operating personnel shall comply with operating procedures during their work activities. They have to take account of safe practices prior to start the work process. In addition, when there is any change in the installation, this should be properly formulated, reviewed and documented by authorised persons in order to identify dangers and control the risks which may cause unwanted events. Concerning the group staff/personnel and considering our company belonging to high risk sector we should be aware that PEMEX personnel and contractors shall receive training. This is a key feature and prerequisite to ensure safe handling and operation with hazadous materials to maintain processing equipment working safely. Other elements of ASP can be implemented, however if the personnel lacks knowledge and training and commitment to consitently adhere to the policies and procedures as documented, this greatly reduces the opportunities to operate safely. Workers should have the physically fitness required, be mentally alert and be able to apply good judgement of established safe practices and procedures. In addition, the staff shall know the actions to be taken during an unwanted event which are documented in the emergency response plan. In the group comprising facilities, the focus lies on ensuring that the processing equipment is manufactured in accordance with rules of constructions and safely assembled and installed properly to maintain mechanical integrity of the installation and equipment throughout life. On the other hand a pre-start safety review provides the final review of the equipment and the new, modified or upgraded facilities and confirms that the requirements of SASP were met when starting the operations. This film intends to raise awareness of the workers with the aim to maintain our facilities operating without unscheduled interruptions, zero failures and zero leakage and thus zero accidents. The discovery of a mega field in deep waters presents different options on how to carry out the exploitation and at the same time confronts the main character of the story. Mario, a well-intentioned expert, however, with a short-term vision considers that starting the production as soon as possible has high priority before anything else.

Aims and objectives

Motivate the staff of PEMEX exploration and production to take pride in being a worker in the oil industry. Moreover, demonstrate the importance of the company internationally, its development and magnitude. The film focusses on the importance of safety measures and risk prevention to safeguard the physical integrity of the workers, the safety of installations and the protection of the environment.

Present interesting topics of the personal and occupational life of the employees to achieve a greater impact on the public , provoke reflection and motivation. The idea is not only to educate but also entertain with topics related to management systems, health at work and environmental protection and PEMEX-SSPA. The film wants to reinforce education and awareness of occupational health and environmaental protection of oil workers. Develop an innovative strategy that helps to reduce occupational accidents, design and carry out internal campaigns by presenting films that are especially produced for PEP using the method known as edutainment (eduction with entertainment).The decision was made to create an innovative, creative and amusing campaign that could really lead to a change in attitude, thought and conscience of the workers of PEMEX EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION.

Target audience

All workers and relatives of PEMEX EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION; as a necessary precondition to ensure compliance with the policy and principles of THE PEMEX-SSPA system. The general management authorized campaigns to raise the awareness of workers on the ba

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