Algae that give life
  • Algae that give life

Algas que dan vida

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Algae that give life

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The risks behind informal jobs are often before our eyes and we don't see them.

Aims and objectives

Currently, there are many workers who carry out their own businesses and who do not always have all the necessary security measures, since they prioritize lowering costs in order to carry out their ventures. Today they are the most affected by the worldwide pandemic. Every day they are faced with assault risks, psychosocial risks (from dealing with people), risk of being run over, risk of contagion of diseases, over exertion. It is necessary to make safety at work a right for everyone.

An independent worker, he must go out with his son to sell the algae that he has managed to collect during the summer to bring sustenance to his home, both exposing themselves to various risks, such as road accident, shock, over exertion, fatigue, exposure to fumes and others. And currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are left without daily financial support to survive due to the impossibility of selling their products.

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