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Alimentación sana, trabajo saludable

Title translated into English

Healthy nutrition, healthy work

Product description

The contents are divided into the following modules: - Healthy nutrition: know the characteristics of a balanced diet (food pyramid), examples of complete diets, etc. -Self-Assessment before beginning: provides a questionnaire to assess the quality of the nutrition of the user and the level of the user´s physical activity, gives feedback and advice for improvement based on the personal situation -Let´s prepare the shopping. Teaches the user how to make a shopping list, how to store food, there are practical examples how to make the shopping list, how to place the products in the fridge, etc. -Enjoy cooking and the preparation of meals. Learn cooking techniques and recipes. -Start to make physical exercises. Gives advice regarding the importance of physical exercises and provides tips to keep an active lifestyle -Get in shape. Shows how to realize successful exercising sessions. Provides recommendations for activities according to age, morevoer shows exercises for strengthening of muscles -Eat good food outside the home. Teaches to prepare a balanced meal to take to work in tupperware, or how to choose a balanced meal if eating away from home. -Did you know..? Facts about different types of diets and alternatives, showing the advantages and disadvantages, as well as some myths and misconceptions about food. - How do the exercises contribute to prevention? Tips to maintain weight, and support to find personal tricks -Improvement with just 5 tips

Aims and objectives

Carry out a balanced diet, do regular physical exercises and maintain a healthy weight throughout life, this is the best way to prevent today´s chronic diseases as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal disorders, some cancers and even some mental illness.

The aim is to transmit the necessary knowledge to all workers so that they change their attitude wishing to adopt new healthier behaviors, improving their quality of life. This platform is part of a campaign of processed materials to facilitate the financial sustainability of the health system through a reducement of costs due to incapacity to work because of health problems , decreased productivity, and low commitment and loyalty with the company.This campaign is part of MC MUTUAL commitment for innovation, improvement of well-being and quality of life, protection of workers and of the entire society. This format has been chosen online because it facilitates the dissemination among enterprises and workers, and to allow the user freedom to chose the subject which is most interesting to him, thus enabling personalized learning.

Target audience

Mainly working people, yet the contends can be applied to the general public.

Contact details Editor

MC Mutual
Calle Provenza321, Spain-08037 Barcelona

Contact details Production company

MC Mutual
Calle Provenza321, Spain-08037 Barcelona