An alles gedacht?

Title translated into English

Got it all covered?

Film: Duration in minutes

01:44 minutes

Product description

Man with child, wife with dog, secretary. People in everyday life who meet. The atmosphere is relaxed, since all have one thing in common: they are happy that they have taken precautions for themselves and for their daily activities. Finaly it turns out quite differently for one of them since one person has forgotten something important.

Aims and objectives

Occupational safety and health is a matter for the boss!

Each employer is responsible for occupational health and safety in the enterprise. He is obliged to ensure the safety of employees and to maintain their health. Of course, prevention is one entrepreneurial activity as all other considerations. And prevention should not be perceived as a burden but as an effective means to ensure the success of the company. With this film, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) along with the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for trade and industry and the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for the public sector want to show in a humorous and slightly ironic manner that prevention is part of everyday life. The content and visual idea is to create a smooth transition from everyday life (everyday prevention) into the working world and to show that the waiver of prevention may have extreme consequences for the health and life of employees.

Target audience

Employers and employees

Contact details Editor

Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – DGUV
Mittelstraße52, Germany-10117 Berlin

Contact details Production company

MedienKontor Movie GmbH
Meinekestraße24, Germany-10719 Berlin