Arbeitssicherheit bei Lernenden im Auto-, LKW- und 2-Rad-Garagen

Title translated into English

Occupational Safety for apprentices in car, truck and two-wheel garages

Film: Duration in minutes

11:42 minutes

Product description

SAFE AT WORK aims at counteracting this trend and improving occupational safety especially of young entrants in the labour market. For this reason a prevention film was produced which portrays the ten most common hazards: Foreign body in eye Hand cuts tripping accident fall accident Fall from ladder electromobility Test driving (2-wheeler) health ergonomics Health protection and skin disease Storage of combustible materials

Aims and objectives

Occupational safety and health through training. The film aims at reducing the high accident risk of apprentices.

When welding use welding googles, when cutting with the cutter use gloves, keep traffic routes and floors clean and free and use suitable tools when carrying heavy loads - this is a matter of course for our employers. The situation is different among apprentices. Statistics show that the number of accidents in the car and two-wheeler industry has increased among apprentices in recent years.

Target audience

Apprentices and instructors of the automobile, heavy goods vehicles and two-wheel garage industry in Switzerland

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Eidgenössische Koordinationskommission für Arbeitssicherheit EKAS
Fluhmattastrasse1, Switzerland-6001 Luzern

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cR Kommunikation AG
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