Aufmerksamkeit darf man nicht teilen!

Title translated into English

Attention should not be divided!

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01:23 minutes


The video shows a serious traffic accident right in the centre of the city witnessed by shocked passers-by. The protagonists are a driver who is quite obviously in a hurry, and a pedestrian who is making a phone call using headphones and who is not paying attention to what is happening around him.


Every third traffic accident is caused by distraction. The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile, electrical and media products sectors (BG ETEM) wishes to draw people's attention to the fact that even a quick look at the smartphone distracts you from your actual task.To show an accident without euphemisms and comment is particularly shocking. We wanted to intensify this effect in order to trigger a discussion.


The BG ETEM is a German Social Accident Insurance Institution responsible for about 3.8 million workers in about 200,000 member companies. The BG ETEM assumes liability for the member companies' employees for health implications resulting from accidents at work and occupational diseases. It is responsible, among others, for approximately 11,000 notifiable accidents of young workers per year. The main task of the BG ETEM is – according to law – to prevent accidents at work and minimize their consequences. As a first step to reach this goal we need to attract attention.

Target Group

In principle, all road users, but in particular those who are most frequently involved in accidents on the way to work: young, working smartphone users.

Aufmerksamkeit darf man nicht teilen!


2016 German Economy Film Award [Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis]

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Bausenwein + Strohmaier
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Bausenwein + Strohmaier
Große Eschenheimer Straße39, Deutschland-60313 Frankfurt