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Product description

"Responsibility and duties Partners and institutions in occupational health and safety Occupational safety organisation in the REWE Group Handling the cardboard knife, ergonomics during lifting and carrying Personal protective equipment REWE Group Prevention Robbery Film My health operating instructions fire hazards Game play: The participants of the training see the playing field on the screen of the seminar room. The rules of the game are explained. The corner fields and the first move are reserved for the instructor, so it is also guaranteed when the participants start the group work, go into the break and when the learning success control in the REWE quiz duel (bottom left on the playing field) runs. After playing the first field "REWE Group - Health Management", with which the lecturer also introduces the internal organisation for occupational safety and health promotion, the participants have the opportunity to announce their moves. At the presentation of the department mentioned above, internal support programmes for employees such as LoS! or Dr. Holiday or Du-bist wichtig will also be presented. After each move, the field played is marked with an asterisk. The playing fields are all provided with so-called hyperlinks. Clicking on a field opens an additional mini presentation or a film on the respective topic. A group work gives the participants the opportunity to work together on a topic which will then be presented and discussed by the groups. After all the fields have been completed, the participants are then invited to the "REWE-Group Quiz Duel", the learning success control, so to speak. Up to four groups will compete for prizes in the field of occupational safety and health promotion. The aim is to correctly answer as many questions as possible within the given time.

Aims and objectives

The game Azupoly is a training tool for the career of apprentices. The name is composed of the words "Azubi" (apprentice) and the name of a well-known game. It provides the apprentice with the foundations of occupational safety for a healthy and safe start into the working life. AC4

Until 2015, the REWE group did not have a uniform base for the introductory training of the new apprentices. A uniform interactive training base similar to the one developed in the last few years for managers and employees should be established. The order for this went to the existing working group "training documents". Since 2015, at PENNY Markt GmbH, all apprentices are trained right at the beginning of their apprenticeship with the game "Azupoly".

Target audience

Trainees who begin a training at PENNY Markt GmbH are the target group.


Main award winner of the BGHW Prevention Award 2015

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REWE Deutscher Supermarkt AG & Co. KGaA
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