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Film: Duration in minutes

10 minutes

Product description

This is a light comedy video that shows the importance of keeping vehicle properly maintained and serviced. The video starts with a scene showing a man is taking his vehicle for servicing in a local workshop. The mechanic advises the man to replace few faulty parts but he hesitates to replace it. The mechanic then asks the man to imagine what will be the consequences if he did not replace the faulty parts. An analogy of the vehicle to be taken care of as well as a person’s own body was used finally to dismiss the notion of common Malaysians that certain safety compromise can be tolerated to save cost.

Aims and objectives

In Malaysia, the yearly incidence of road crashes is very high. Road crashes are one of the highest cause of morbidity and mortality among workers in the country. Road crashes may be caused by the driver, the environment and/or the vehicle. The aim of this production is to emphasize the importance of having a vehicle that is fit and safe to be driven. The key message of this video is to ensure all aspects of a vehicle maintenance including small items are taken care off, as these plays important part in ensuring the fitness of the vehicle and influence the driving operations.

This product was produced as a light comedy in a short video form. Road crashes and safety issue are mostly depicted in a serious and gruesome manner to stress upon the consequences of the incident. This video differs in the way that it addresses prevention and in alight hearted way. This we feel would capture the audience better; in line with current trend of popular genre in Malaysian entertainment which is comedy that week in and week out garnered millions of viewers. The scenario applies to common Malaysians where the workshop depicted and the vehicles used are those common in the country to appeal better to the audience. Despite appearing to be light hearted; the dire consequence of road crashes are still emphasized; repeatedly within scenes to subtly drive the message for road safety prevention and consequences.

Target audience

Ordinary people especially workers who drive or ride

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Social Security Organisation – SOCSO
Jalan Ampang281, Malaysia-50538 Kuala Lumpur

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Opyglobal Picutres SDN BHD
- 2nd floor, Jalan 2/3A, Taman Danau Kota , Malaysia-53300 Kuala Lumpur