be smart work safe – die Kampagne

Title translated into English

be smart work safe - the campaign

Film: Duration in minutes

5:10 minutes

Product description

To reduce work accidents of young workers, the EKAS (Swiss co-ordinating committee for industrial safety) engaged SAFE AT WORK to realise a public awarness campaign. Guidelines and regulation are not not always welcomed by young people. Therefore SAFE AT WORK does not behave like schoolmasters and with pointing an accusing finger. The public awareness campaign "be smart work safe" meets young people in the surrounding they like the most - in spare time. With the message "be a smartworker: those who understand have more leasure time" the campaign shows how incorrect behaviour can impact their spare time. For example, those who do not wear protective googles when welcing may suffer an eye injury and thus cannot watch the cinema video in three-dimensional format at night as planned. The awareness campaign takes place in 3 phases: from knowledge transfer over change in in attitude to change in behaviour. In the first phase - the awarenessraising phase - wants to bring prominence to the issue work safety to the target group of young people undergoing a vocational training. The target group shall be provided with appropriate knowledge on occupational safety. In the second phase - the activation phase - wants to enter into dialogue with the target group . The attitude to workplace safety will change and the target group is invited to take action. In the third and final phase - the compensation phase - the change in behaviour will be consolidated and established as mandatory standard. Correct behaviour is rewarded and the target group will be further mobilized to change their behavior and to observe the rules of safety at work. After three years occupational safety should be an integral part of young people´s daily work. "Be smart work safe" speaks the language of youth. The campaign SAFE AT WORK raises young people´s awareness over the channels that are most used by them: a website, a Facebook page , two online clips and a cinema spot on occupational safety broadcast throughout Switzerland. Radio Energy and Radio OneFm are popular media partners who support the campaign. Posters and flyers will be distributed among partners and trade schools, various competitions and give- aways complement the info-pack. The campaign will be further developed in the channels used by young people. Moreover, the dialogue with young people shall be deepened. Regardless whether a mobile APP, an online game or other Clips - all measures follow the strategic approach to show the advantages of safe behaviour at work. Occupational safety and health for more joy in leasure time.

Aims and objectives

Explanation and presentation of the information campaign be smart work safe. The film was developed instead of a PowerPoint presentation, so that the complexes campaign setting may also be conveyed to uninvolved third parties.

The medium of film corresponds to the spirit of time and guarantees that the message can be conveyed to and be received by the target group.

Target audience

Mediators, intermediaries, implementing bodies, vocational schools, responsible trainers/instructors of apprentices in enterprises

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Eidgenössische Koordinationskommission für Arbeitssicherheit EKAS
Fluhmattastrasse1, Switzerland-6002 Luzern

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cR Kommunikation AG
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