Chadebec bouscule l’affiche -2- L’affiche, reflet d’une époque (2/4)

Title translated into English

Chadebec shakes up poster design -2- CAPTURING AN ERA (2/4)

Film: Duration in minutes

07.40 minutes


The film traces the career of Bernard Chadebec, graphic-designer at INRS for 40 years. Chadebec enables us to understand what a security poster is and gives us an insight into how the graphic-designer communicates messages through his artwork. The documentary situates his art in a social and artistic context. After having collected the testimonies of Chadebec as well as of specialists, the film director gives a portray of his artwork in four illustrated sequences. This second film sequence situates his work in a social context and in the modified prevention messages.


If the poster reflects a time, the graphic designer must commit himself and find out more about it. Chadebec explains how he has adapted the communication codes of a certain time and environment to the safety posters.


In 2016, the film is presented to the visitors of the exposition dedicated to the piece of work of Bernard Chadebec at the Ecomuseum in Creusot-Montceau (France). This film was directed by Ludovic VIEUILLE.

Target Group

Visitors of the exposition dedicated in 2016 to the posters of Bernard Chadebec at the ecomuseum of Creusot-Monceau (France) The graphic designers, the fans of graphic design and ancient posters Persons made aware of professional risks, visiting th

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Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité pour la prévention des risques professionnels (INRS)
boulevard Richard Lenoir65, France-75011 Paris

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Girelle production
rue de Bourgogne48, France-45000 Orléans