CHECK 5 – Dein Thema Arbeitssicherheit

Title translated into English

Check 5 – Your topic work safety

Film: Duration in minutes

10:00 minutes

Product description

On the eve of a business trip the boss informs the apprentice Nico, that the following day a customer wants to pick up wooden beams, that he is to give him. If sawing operations will be necessary , he shall call a colleague. Nico loses the order form , but he can satisfy the customer the next day with charm and sophistication, neglecting the orders of the boss. In parallel, Bilges story is told . On her way to work she was narrowly saved from car accident . At the workplace Bilges is attentive and conscientious. She even studies the instruction manual of a new printer in order to play it safe . However, in the wood hall she is only narrowly saved from accident. Everything proceeds in the usual way. If there wasn´t a tragic accident at the end of the film. The circumstances of the accident remain unknown but Nico is driven in an ambulance to the hospital.

Aims and objectives

The film wants to motivate young workers to consciously explore the topic safety and health at work.

The film is part of a media pack, that allows vocational teachers and instructors to raise trainees´awareness for the topic occupational safety and health protection and for safe behaviour at work. The medium of film offers like no other the possibility to convey in a realistic manner different behavioural characteristics of the protagonists and their colleagues and to adress them in the training sessions.

Target audience



"Master of Excellence" and special award for the "outstanding manner of adressing target groups" at the corporate media 2012 for the media pack of which the film forms part of.

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plonsker media gmbh
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