Child Health Promotion Initiative

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Child Health Promotion Initiative

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Child Health Promotion Initiative were developed by Safe Kids Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia in collaboration with industry partner Vanakkam Malaysia an online Tamil Media company in Malaysia. This initiative identified the issue of child health in traffic as the country loses about 1000 children below age of 18 due to traffic crash. Thus traffic injuries becomes a public health issue. Ministry of Transport Malaysia took the lead in addressing this issue by introducing the Child Safety Seat Regulation In January 2020. However the general public was not prepared and need to educate on this new regulation. Vanakkam Malaysia Media Company responded to the calls by pairing with Safe Kids Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia to prepare knowledge based communication materials on child safety seats targeting Tamil language speaking community (adult workforce) on the importance of using a child safety seat and how to comply with the government regulation. This initiative was targeted for a niche segment of the country population (Tamil speaking community).

Aims and objectives

There are few main safety messages crossed over to the target group (Tamil speaking community – adult work force) of this safety initiative. They are:

1. Empower the Tamil speaking community – adult work force on how risky a car occupant is during a road crash

2. Empower the Tamil speaking community – adult work force on the importance of using a standard child safety seat

3. Empower the Tamil speaking community – adult work force on how to identify a child safety seat which complies with the country regulation.

To meet the World Health Organisation Global Road Safety Performance Target 8 which specifies that by 2030, all countries increase the proportions of motor vehicle occupants using safety belts or standard child restraint systems close to 100%.  Road Safety Department of Malaysia responded to this call by World Health Organisation. Thus to support the Tamil language speaking community, a health promotion initiative was developed with the aim of transferring knowledge pertaining to child safety seats to the community via the language they are familiar with and commendable. With this, it is highly hoped, this niche community will be aware of why all car occupants need to be restrained, why children are vulnerable in a traffic crash as a car occupant and the info on how to identify a law compliant child safety seat.

Target audience

Tamil language speaking community - adult workforce


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Safe Kids Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia
Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Universiti Putra Malaysia , Malaysia-43400 Serdang, Selangor
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