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Choose Life

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10 minutes


Among the communication tools developed for the Choose Life campaign, a key role is played by the Cannes multi award-winning film bearing the same name: an emotional story that brings the audience to identify with the characters and to agree with them on the importance of adopting a balanced lifestyle, which can help us live well and as long as possible. Watching the film, taking a moment of reflection, sharing stories, doing group activities: these are all key elements of a two-hour workshop that throws people into an experience which is at once interactive and introspective and whose goal is to have people leave with the idea of choosing a healthier lifestyle. Because, as the ending lyrics of the film have it, Life is beautiful.

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Choose Life


New York International Television & Film Awards 2013 – Finalist Winner; Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012 – Best Director; Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012 – Best Music; Finalist in The Deauville Green Awards 2014

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