Construction risks: An apprentice's view

Title translated into English

Construction risks: An apprentice's view

Film: Duration in minutes

2 minutes

Product description

A real life observational film following a young construction apprentice working on a large block of flats, showing him engaged in typical activities with his voice over (not an actors) explaining the importance of health and safety and how to stay safe on a site. The film was made in-house by the British Safety Council.

Aims and objectives

As an apprentice you should make health and safety high on your agenda as you learn new skills and should expect to have the right PPE and access to support and discussion with supervisors.

Film is a very efficient way to communicate key messages in a way that is engaging and can be used by tutors working with apprentices to highlight topics to discuss. The style of the film is consciously observational and does not hide from the very real challenges any construction site presents for the safety and health of workers, not matter how well controlled the risk are. This attention to reality I believe will make it more appealing to its young audience.

Target audience

Apprentices, particularly - but not limited to - those working in the construction sector. A secondary but important audience are the tutors and course leaders who are responsible for training new apprentices. They need to see the value of the film in orde

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British Safety Council
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British Safety Council
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