Cruiser und Bella – Ab durch die Mitte!

Title translated into English

Cruiser and Bella – Straight down the middle!

Film: Duration in minutes

04:38 minutes


Cruiser witnesses how Bella had a serious accident on a roundabout. Luckily she was patched up quickly. But when she returned to approach a roundabout, she took fright. However, Cruiser finds the solution: Before approaching the roundabout move into the traffic lane and then straight down the middle!


Instruction of rules and regulations for cyclists on roundabouts - in a way that persons would like to watch the film voluntarily.

Target Group

For all road users in Switzerland

Contact details Editor

Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG
Bachstrasse15, Switzerland-8038 Zürich

Contact details Production company

Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG
Bachstrasse15 - Felix Courvoisier , Switzerland-8038 Zürich