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Curso sobre la NOM-029-STPS-2011, Mantenimiento de las instalaciones eléctricas en los centros de trabajo – Condiciones de seguridad

Title translated into English

Training course on the standard NOM 029-STPS-2011, Maintenance of electrical installations and safety requirements at the workplace – safety requirements

Film: Duration in minutes

360 minutes


The multimedia course is composed of six thematic modules and two others corresponding to the framework and final evaluation. The thematic mudules provide interactive exercises which help to understand the safety requirements that have to be observed in working on electrical installations. The content of the thematic modules include: studies, programmes and procedures; safety measures; personal protection systems, qualification, training and information and administrative approval and records.


Present safe conditions for the realization of maintenance works on electrical installations in the workplace, in order to avoid accidents of the responsible personnel who perform the works and to other persons who might be exposed.


With this multimedia course companies and users in general may profit from the following benefits: facilitate knowledge transfer and compliance with the standard NOM-029-STPS-2011; reduce training costs associated with training on occupational safety and health and strengthening a culture of occupational risk prevention in the country.

Target Group

The multimedia courses promote knowledge transfer of occupational safety and health regulations for managers, supervisors and workers, members of safety and health committees and preventive services for safety and health at work, Federal and local labour i

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