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Da machse nix dran

Title translated into English

You can't change it

Film: Duration in minutes

16:02 minutes

Product description

A total of 8 chapters describes which situations encourage or involuntarily lead to accidents. The chapters “Indifference”, “In order and cleanliness”, “Without protection”, “Risk taking”, “Hurrying”, “Negligence of others” and lastly the final “Resolution" show what can happen to any of us every day if we act imprudently and without paying attention. In this context, all of a sudden, something harmless can become unexpectedly difficult and thus lead to an entirely new dimension.

Aims and objectives

The employees of Gelsenwasser AG are to experience in an entertaining and amusing way that accidents linked to the danger of serious injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. In our private as well as our professional lives. Accident assessments have made clear that the focus is to be found in faulty actions. On this basis, the company intends that in future its employees should perceive the dangers more consciously and behave in a proper and safe manner. The realization of different episodes in the form of a movie with actors from within the company – without a too-familiar undertone – creates an identity-generating arc of tension that the employees of Gelsenwasser can’t escape. The linguistic transformation into the regional dialect is specific to the film. By means of this dialect, the target group will be reached where it is every day. Thus it strengthens the effect of the film. The objective is to make clear to the employees that many situations can indeed be changed and that by a little attention the laconic slogan "You can’t change it" can easily be taken too far.

This production deals with accidents that have happened in this way or in a similar way in companies. In this manner the persons responsible at Gelsenwasser want to create a reference to reality, in order to directly take the wind out of the sails of often-voiced criticism of such films, such as “This is entirely invented” or “No one can be that stupid. This won’t happen to anyone.” The medium film has been chosen because it can be included without problem in e.g. safety instructions and is widely accepted by the target group.

Target audience

The employees of Gelsenwasser AG

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Am Schildchen8, Germany-53859 Niederkassel

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Am Schildchen8, Germany-53859 Niederkassel