Die gute Fee

Title translated into English

The good fairy

Film: Duration in minutes

02:06 minutes

Product description

Since time immemorial, the good fairy has taken care of the fulfillment of our wishes. A sigh, a prayer and already a new wish reaches her. This goes so quickly that now her nerves are put on edge. In an interview, she finally loses her composure. Can a desire help her out of this?

Aims and objectives

Constant availability causes mental strain. For everyone.

In recent years, mental workload in the workplace has increased across all industries . More and more workers fall ill, some are so sereously ill that they have to take early retirement. The causes for the increase of mental workload include increasing demands on the quantity and quality of work. Frequent consequences of mental overload are stress or experience of monotony, mental fatigue, dissatisfaction, sleep disorders, high sickness level or burnout. With this film, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) wants to take up the issue of mental strain in a humorous way and bring the prevalence of mental workload to the public attention. The film does not focus on a specific industry, but shows that mental stress not only appears in traditionally male occupations such as managers. Each professional group, even those that do not come immediately into focus, may be affected.

Target audience

Employees and employers

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Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – DGUV
Mittelstraße52, Germany-10117 Berlin
+49(0)30288763766 www.dguv.de

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Buchenweg16, Germany-82223 Eichenau