Die Kampagne: Nicos Rücken

Title translated into English

The campaign: Nico's back

Film: Duration in minutes

02:16 minutes

Product description

Nico‘s back (animation designed for pushing, 2:17 minutes) A simple short film about the setup and the disease prevention of the back. Due to its brevity and reduced design, the film is particularly suitable for the spontaneous use in seminars or for short instructions at the workplace (via tablet or smartphone). Furthermore, films of this kind can very well be used in inclusion projects. The film “Nico’s back“ illustrates the interaction between spine and back muscles. Thus, the spectator understands why an excessive strain on the back can be as harmful as a too low loading. The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has produced the film for the campaign “Young people want to experience themselves“. It is part of a series of animated films in which the apprentices Nico and Lisa describe vividly and comprehensibly individual aspects of occupational safety and health. Written and directed by: Thomas Plonsker Illustrations: Dieter Hermenau Cut: Jan-Phillip Langner Speaker: Joe Rippier Production: 2013

Aims and objectives

The film wants to motivate young workers to consciously explore the topic safety and health at work.

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plonsker media gmbh
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+49(0)63419690830+49(0)63419690832 www.plonsker.de