Die Sicherheitsfälltechnik – Du bestimmst, wann Dein Baum fällt

Title translated into English

The safety technology of felling a tree – you decide when your tree falls –

Film: Duration in minutes

15 minutes

Product description

A forest ranger and two foresters discuss the work order of an upcoming measure of felling. Due to the current sickness rate, a forester (A) is standing in as a substitute and therefore new in the territory. At the first tree felling, the tree falls with a pre-cut too early. The spruce starts falling while the forester is still cutting. He stands in the danger zone (2-3 meters) next to the tree stump when the spruce hits the ground. A observes the situation. A discusses the dangerous situation with the forester. He demonstrates the advantages of a general application of the safety technology of felling a tree, which he reinforces with the previously observed hazardous situation. When felling a beech, A shows the forester the safety technology of felling a tree. The forester agrees with A that for certain trees the safety technology of felling a tree is okay and applied by him. However, he says that in practice a general application of the safety technology of felling a tree can’t be applied to all trees. A requests the forest worker to choose such a tree for him. A fells this tree confidently with the safety technology of felling a tree and explains his approach. The forest worker is impressed by the event and assures A that in the future he will change his working technique and make the safety technology of felling a tree his norm (safety technology of felling a tree).

Aims and objectives

Objective: behavioural change Message: with the safety technology of felling a tree YOU decide when the tree falls.

By force of habit, foresters apply the classically withdrawn pre-cut when felling a tree with the chainsaw. Serious accidents occur in this case because this technique of felling doesn’t give the foresters enough time to leave the hazardous zone of the stem base. This works with the safety technology of tree felling. By means of an everyday practical situation, this problem is shown in an exchange of two colleagues and supposed reservations can be resolved. The medium film is the most appropriate means of information for this, because complex situations can be resolved concisely and under realistic conditions and by the contemporary means of presentation the target group can be reached appropriately.

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