Dinner 4 Friends

Title translated into English

Dinner 4 Friends

Film: Duration in minutes

2:36 minutes

Product description

provision of the following tips: increase the following distance, low speed, act with foresight, use momentum, early gear changing

Aims and objectives

Raise awareness and motivation for participation in training

Presenting crucial advice for safe driving

Target audience

Professional drivers, experienced drivers, driving licence holders

Contact details Editor

Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e.V. – DVR
Jägerstraße67 - 69, Germany-10117 Berlin
+49(0)3022 66 77 115+49(0)3022 66 77 129 www.dvr.de

Contact details Production company

P.AD werbeagentur GmbH
, Germany-58540 Meinerzhagen
+49(0)23 54918 20 www.p-ad.de