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Disciplina Operativa - riesgos bajo control II

Title translated into English

Operational discipline - Risks under control II

Film: Duration in minutes

60 minutes

Product description

Basically a continuation of part 1 and the topic operational discipline. Severo is about to retire after an impeccable working life in the company, but his plans are obstructed by the return of Lucia Fernanda (or Luci-Fer) She now tries to secude Severs son Liborio to carry out her terrible plans. Liborio is very qualified and recognizes that the fulfilment of operational discipline is essential for his safety and the safety of his colleagues. But Severo fears that excessive trust created through Lucy Fer will lead to a mistake with fatal consequences. Liborio does not understand what happens to his father and which dangers his father wants him to avoid and this drives the experienced Severo to despair. It seems that Lucy Fer has managed to deceive Liborio so that no one is able to seperate them and what finally will cause a huge disaster. Is Severo able to prevent this? Or does he unwillingly help his attractive atagonist to cause a disaster? Will our safety heroes successfully resolve the deficiencies he has to face?

Aims and objectives

Motivate the staff of PEMEX exploration and production to take pride in being a worker in the oil industry. Moreover, demonstrate the importance of the company internationally, its development and magnitude. The film focusses on the importance of safety measures and risk prevention to safeguard the physical integrity of the workers, the safety of installations and the protection of the environment.

Present interesting topics of the personal and occupational life of the employees to achieve a greater impact on the public , provoke reflection and motivation. The idea is not only to educate but also entertain with topics related to management systems, health at work and environmental protection and PEMEX-SSPA. The film wants to reinforce education and awareness of occupational health and environmaental protection of oil workers. Develop an innovative strategy that helps to reduce occupational accidents, design and carry out internal campaigns by presenting films that are especially produced for PEP using the method known as edutainment (eduction with entertainment).The decision was made to create an innovative, creative and amusing campaign that could really lead to a change in attitude, thought and conscience of the workers of PEMEX EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION.

Target audience

All workers and relatives of PEMEX EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION; as a necessary precondition to ensure compliance with the policy and principles of THE PEMEX-SSPA system. The general management authorized campaigns to raise the awareness of workers on the ba

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