eGovernment in Nordrhein-Westfalen – Bürgerportal Arbeitsschutz innovativ und nachhaltig

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eGovernment in North Rhine Westphalia – citizens´portal innovative and sustainable safety and health at work

Film: Duration in minutes

3 minutes

Product description

The short film presents at the beginning the different services of the citizens´portal safety and health at work in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) and focusses then on the possibilities of the KomNet system. An interview review to the year 2000 shows the goals and targets for which the KomNet-system was intended. Then todays workflow of the KomNet-system is visualized and an expert of the decentralised KomNet network unit reports on his cooparation. The KomNet-System queries customer satisfaction when an IT Ticket request is processed and closed, results of this are presented in parts. At the end topics who are currently supported by the KomNet-System (Healthy Work, demographic change, job return, chemical safety) are presented.

Aims and objectives

Today's KomNet system ( is a technically advanced service and knowledge network that has been continuously improved . It deals in a sustainable manner with issues related to operational practise, efficiently integrating a decentralised expert network association. The prepared results are subsequently made anonymous and they are easily accessible to users on the Web. Interested citizens, business actors, professionals, etc. can use the data for their questions or for question-answer dialogues and evaluate them and also may participate in the expert network group. The KomNet system can be used for very wide range of topics.

The KomNet System and the Competence Network Healthy Work ( ) has been developed from 1993 to 1995. From 1996 to 1998, the network was piloted in the NRW district Siegen-Wittgenstein and has been run since 1999 in North Rhine -Westphalia. After KomNet became champion in the eGovernment Competition of federal, state and local administrations in the year 2000 it was awarded by the EU Commission with "The very best practice of e-government in Europe today" in the year 2001. In 2010 KomNet reached a third place in the eGovernment Competition of the federal, state and local administrations and had been honored as the "Most sustainable eGovernment project of the decade". In addition to the use of the freely accessible KomNet knowledge data base on the internet (, the opportunity to set up a personalized web user area and asking specific questions or even use the KomNet App (www.komnet / libs / webapp /) the short film wants to provide a quick overview of the recent developments and possibilities of the KomNet system (cross-media approach).

Target audience

entrepreneurs, managerial staff and their advisors (as e.g. safety experts, company physicians, representatives for product- and chemical safety) employees and their advisors (as e.g. workers´concils and personnel representatives) as well


Third prize for "most sustainable egovernment project of the decade" - in the eGovernment Competition of federal and local administrations in 2010

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