ENA 2018 Farming - Overhead Power Lines Safety Campaign

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ENA 2018 Farming - Overhead Power Lines Safety Campaign

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2:12 minutes

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The short video follows a parallel story where a farmers daughter school show and tell is about her fathers work on the farm and how proud she is of her father and what hes does on a day to day basis. The film also shows her father at work and specifically focuses on when he comes into contact with an over head power line. The storyline is hard hitting but it drove a very successful safety promotional campaign in the UK

Aims and objectives

In 2018 the UK’s electricity network operators  joined forces to create a campaign that called on the agricultural and construction industries to follow safety advice, in a bid to reduce the number of overhead power lines incidents that take place each year. The campaign, titled Look Out Look Up!, sought to:
• Raise awareness of the risks of overhead power lines
• Increase understanding of how to deal with them safely
• Motivate people who may come into contact with power lines to adopt safe
The main target audiences are  those who are at most risk from overhead power lines; namely construction and agriculture workers. A secondary audience is anyone who may come into contact with overhead power lines, such as anglers and balloonists.

The Look Out Look Up! campaign was launched on 17 January 2018 and national and trade media were alerted. Through the campaign, Energy Networks Association shared tips and information to raise awareness of the risks of overhead power lines. We worked with trusted organisations to help share this information as widely as possible.

On average, one farm worker dies each year as a result of contact with an overhead power line. In the last five years, there were 1,140 near-miss incidents involving machinery and overhead power lines where serious injury or death was a possibility.
In response to the scale of such incidents, the UK’s energy network operators have joined forces to launch Look Out Look Up! – a campaign which encourages people to plan ahead to avoid contact with overhead power lines and to know what to do if contact is made.


The risk to farm workers is not only during harvest but all year round. Annually, approximately 225 reported incidents occur where farm vehicles and machinery make contact with overhead lines – typically these incidents involve equipment such as tipping trailers, lorry mounted cranes, combine harvesters and tele-handlers. Not only does each incident have the potential to kill or seriously injure those workers involved, there are also financial costs in terms of damaged and destroyed equipment and lost time.
The UK electricity network operators continue to urge those at risk to Look Out Look Up! Plan ahead to prevent contact with overhead power lines and know the
behaviours to adopt to minimise risk of injury if contact is made.

Target audience

Farmers and those that work in Agriculture


Safety Campaign


Film won Gold in the Public Information category at the New York film and TV Festival

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