Killer on the Loose

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Killer on the Loose - A dropped object prevention video from NLG

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1:50 minutes

Product description

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Particularly when you risk becoming an unsuspecting victim of its third biggest killer: dropped objects.

Tool lanyards are easy to use, but are commonly overlooked until the real risks of not using them are understood.

Uncover the sinister side of your hand tools today. Watch the video, download the free drop prevention awareness pack, learn about impact force and discover other interesting facts.

Aims and objectives

Any tool at height can become a killer.

It doesn’t take much.

A worker can slip and drop the tool they’re holding. A screwdriver can be left on a gantry and be kicked over the edge. A tool can fall from a worker’s belt.

Once that tool is dropped, gravity takes over and turns it into a deadly projectile. You only have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to become its victim.

That might sound dramatic.

But something needs to be done because the message still isn’t getting through to everyone. Statistics show that dropped objects are the third largest cause of workplace fatalities.

That’s why we created our Killer on the Loose campaign about dropped objects.

The hard-hitting safety video is designed to make people think about the consequences of dropped and falling tools at height.

Incredible, Excellent, Innovative, Awesome, Clever, Creepy - NLG’s Killer on the Loose dropped objects awareness video has drawn considerable attention from the global Health & Safety scene.

It took some time for the concept to evolve, but there were several points we concluded at the outset.

It had to be short, it had to be memorable - and maybe an ironic twist of uncertainty that would justify that second viewing… (yes, most people watch it twice!)

And that’s how the screwdriver came to have a personality, have a voice. This became our guiding light from storyboard to scripting, from equipment choice to editing, design to distribution.

As Andrew leaves site one night, after carelessly disregarding an unwanted screwdriver, he unwittingly becomes another victim of the second deadliest workplace killer: dropped objects.

Target audience

Safety leaders and Workers


Dropped Object Awareness Campaign

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NLG - Never Let Go
Units 1-2 Abbey Business Park - Holton Heath , United Kingdom-BH16 6NN Poole