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BGN Intralog - Web-Anwendung zum Risikomanagement in der Intralogistik

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BGN Intralog - Web-application for risk-management in Logistics

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Product description

BGN Intralog is an interactive risk management tool (web app) for four key hazards in intralogistics.
How it works: After evaluating the current situation, a "traffic light" provides information about the existing residual risk (red = still too high). Suitable measures are selected from a list to reduce the risk. Intralog offers additional assistance that saves the user time-consuming research and makes expert knowledge easily available.
Features: Free of charge, functions on all operating systems/end devices, easy to use, no expert knowledge required, works for all industries.

Aims and objectives

Accidents in intralogistics are often serious or even fatal. In line with the BGN's Vision Zero strategy, Intralog will significantly contribute to preventing these accidents. Dealing with the four problem areas increases sensitivity to the hazards in internal logistics. The application is also used by BGN supervisors as part of their supervision and advice to companies.
The evaluation revealed use by more than 2,250 users to date. The users’ feedback has been consistently positive.

Target audience

Young workers

VISION ZERO-Strategie der BGN

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