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Fais attention à toi

Title translated into English

Watch your step

Film: Duration in minutes

1 minutes

Product description

The website contains many ways for internet users to tell their loved ones that they care about them, that they love them, and that they want them to watch their step at work. The website allows, among other things, to view and share the video "Words". In a user-friendly interface and with a streamlined and modern look, this video - lasting one minute - presents different aspects of daily life that create an opportunity to contribute to the prevention of occupational accidents, to intervene on behalf of their loved ones. In addition to the video, internet users can also educate their loved ones by sending them a text message or an e-card. The website also contains a quiz, which visitors can use to test their knowledge on health and safety at work. Finally, for the launch of the website, a contest was organised from 13 May to 13 August 2013.

Aims and objectives

The advertising approach used by the Commission on Health and Safety at Work (CSST) aims to turn occupational safety and health (OSH) into a societal value. To achieve this, CSST wants OSH to be more present in the public space, and believes that prevention messages should no longer only be carried out by the Commission but by all inhabitants of Quebec, in particular the relatives of the workers, so they can raise awareness on prevention in the workplace. This way, CSST aims to develop a sense of inclusion concerning OSH among the Quebec population, because - in order for OSH to become a societal value - they need to be more concerned by health and safety at work.

The use of the web and social media is continuously increasing. They are tools which are used more and more to communicate with one's loved ones. As part of its societal campaign to develop a sense of inclusion in Quebec, CSST has deployed a web strategy that included in particular the online site: Faisattentionatoi.com. This website makes it possible to provide the loved ones of the workers with various ways to intervene on behalf of the people they care for, by raising their awareness to be careful and to watch their step at work. The website functions as a support to the video message of the societal campaign by CSST, which recalled the importance of taking action and talking about OSH in order to create a more safe work environment. In addition to its contribution to the societal campaign, the website also allowed CSST to shout out to the target audiences of its sectoral campaigns, addressing in particular young workers, as well as employers and workers of the construction sector.

Target audience

The population of Quebec, in particular: workers, employers, and young workers aged 15 to 24

Contact details Editor

Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) du Québec
524, rue Bourdagesbureau 190, Canada-G1K7E2 Québec
+1418266-4700 5709

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CSST en collaboration avec l'agence de publicité Brad
, Canada-G1K7E2 Québec