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As the title "Bankruptcy" indicate the message is that if the business isn't running, there's no strategy for getting new costumers, then there will be no money for OHS-improvements and no steps for tidying up the shopfloor (even if that in the long run would mean sawings in time and money). The attitude is: Why worry about OHS, when there's a lot of other Things to worry about? The speak at the end is saying: "Fine OHS-standard and produtivity does not come by it self. Talk to Your manager about Health and Safety at the workplace."


The key message is: Doing nothing will bring you nowhere. Put OHS-matters on the agenda. The aim is to contribute with a way of getting the discussion started at shopfloorlevel and at the OHS-Groups and Committees within the Companies.


Short film is at good way of making a point of wiev, and together with the other three film in the serie, the discussion can start with the spectators recognize themselfes, and Next where they want to be - and what to do to get there.

Target Group

Members of OHS-Group at company-level

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Danish OHS-committee for the Industrial Sector, co: CO-industri
Vester Soegade12, 2., Denmark-1790 Copenhagen V

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hvorfor ikk - digital studio
Studiestr├Žde21A, 3. floor, Denmark-1455 K Copenhagen