Gefahr übersehen – kann ins Auge gehen!

Title translated into English

Overlooking dangers could end badly!

Film: Duration in minutes

04:52 minutes

Product description

Protagonists are the youth fire brigade members Andy and fire-fighter Holger. Andy has just finished school and got his dream - apprenticeship. He is full of confidence and also in the youth fire brigade everything is going to plan. Andy is popular and recognized in the group and is about to enter into the voluntary fire and rescue services. Until a disastrous situation during a fire-fighting drill occurs that changes Andy's life. Through various unfortunate circumstances an accident occurs in which Andy is seriously injured in the eye. The film shows the health and social consequences of severe eye injuries for those affected. Especially for young people or youth fire brigade members who are yet to complete school and are at the beginning of their professional career, such an injury can determine the whole future life and hit them hard. The film also shows how quickly an accident can happen because of carelessness and non-observance of simple labor protection rules and how all persons involved have to suffer. Thus, the film is deliberately designed to show the various dimensions and consequences that can result from an accident at work.

Aims and objectives

The German Social Accident Insurance for fire services (HFUK Nord and FUK Mitte) want to raise awareness about the importance of protection and organizational procedures during fire brigade exercises and in fire-fighting operations to avoid injury. The potential risks of extinguishing water jet is presented and a conscious handling with hoses and steel pipes shall be achieved.

The fire service involves both high physical and psychological stress in addition to various accident hazards. The affects due to extinguishing water jet that is directed into the eye cannot be underestimated and causes serious injuries. The problem: Eye injury from a jet of fire water is usually a very serious injury. Serious injury, including blindness can be the result - also at risk are the ears. Accidents reported to the accident insurers like the example shown occur again and again. The accident descriptions show misunderstandings among the operations of the fire-fighting crews due to lack of agreement and coordination among themselves, lack of knowledge of local conditions or difficult external conditions such as poor visibility through smoke and darkness. In addition, fire-brigade operations can lead to uncontrolled water jets, such as pressure fluctuations in the water supply, problems with prolonged holding of steel pipes (fatigue), unsafe standing position, error when grasping or transferring the steel pipe to other persons or simple misfortunes.

Target audience

This year, the action "overlooking dangers could end badly!" of the German Social Accident Insurance for fire services (HFUK Nord and FUK Mitte) focusses on the dangers of extinguishing water in accident prevention. Both social accident insurances

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