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Gefahren durch Heißarbeiten

Title translated into English

Dangers due to hot works

Film: Duration in minutes

10 minutes

Product description

The film shows the hazards of hot works. Subsequently the steps required for preparation, performance and control of hot works are presented and explained.

Aims and objectives

Each year Austria is affected by more than 25,000 fires with a wide variety of causes. A substantial percentage is caused by hot works. This film highlights the potential hazard and demonstrates safe behaviour.

In the training of fire safety officers, we´ve seen that it is often difficult to put knowledge into practice and often poor German language knowledge make instructions difficult. The film is vividly designed - (moving) picture are worth a 1000 words!

Target audience

Fire safety officers of enterprises and managers, employees who perform fire and hot works (as welding, scarfing, etc.)

Contact details Editor

Brandschutzforum Austria
Fischeraustraße22, Austria-8051 Graz

Contact details Production company

Rieger Mediabusiness e. U.
Peterstalstraße16a/12, Austria-8042 Graz