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Healthy managment: Ensuring performance

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02:44 minutes

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Our contribution visualises challenges and negative impacts at the workplace, such as a constantly increasing complexity and its consequences for employees and companies (for instance depression and absences). Furthermore, an effective approach for resolving the problems is indicated: a health-promoting management style.

Aims and objectives

Message: Stress and negative impacts at the workplace are numerous and continue to rise. Physical, psychological and psychosomatic illnesses and associated absences from work can be the consequence. A healthy management can prevent and counteract these illnesses and consequences. Thus, a health-promoting management style doesn’t only keep employees healthy and productive but the whole company. Objective: The basic objective of the video is to improve the operational situation at the workplace for the employees in the company (employees and management). We inform you about this issue and thus strive to raise awareness among the responsible parties. Furthermore, with the innovative and clearly-explained presentation we aim to attract attention to the challenges and illnesses at the workplace. At the same time, we present an effective approach with the concept of a healthy management for prevention and handling of illnesses and other challenges in occupational life.

The video is intended to be used for informational purposes on the homepage of the Institute for Performance Management, as well as for transfer-oriented processing of results of the Institute for Performance Management and of the innovative incubator Lüneburg. By providing the films on the internet, we hope to reach a wide audience and to intensify the transfer of research results into the (regional) economy. Furthermore, the video is intended for the multimedia knowledge transfer into our workshops and other transfer events.

Target audience

• managing director• personnel managers • works councils • health managers• interested employees• professional investigators• employers’ liability insurance associations

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Leuphana Universität Lüneburg - Institut für Performance Management
Wilschenbrucher Weg84, Germany-21335 Lüneburg