Golden Rules - Because rule #1 is to live.

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Golden Rules - Because rule #1 is to live.

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9 episodes of 2 minutes each minutes


This animation series with 9 episodes was created to help employees understand the importance of our Golden Rules – one episode to illustrate each specific Rule. We wanted employees to see the Golden Rules program not as a punishment tool (“If I don’t comply I will be fired”), but as a valuable resource that helps everyone stay safe. So we used the slogan for this campaign “Because rule #1 is to live.” In the videos, the situations portrayed are quite common and easily relatable to most employees. In each animation, we showed how things could go wrong if the character had chosen to ignore the Golden Rule. And in each video, we always reinforce that, when in doubt, consult your immediate leader and use your right of refusal: never do, or allow your co-worker to do, any task that puts your life or theirs at risk. Don’t take chances, don’t improvise, stay alive! All episodes end with the employee returning home to his family at the end of his working day. Because kwowing that someone is waiting for you at home is the best reason to work safely.


“Life matters most” is Vale’s most important value. Therefore, the company has been making great efforts to be a global benchmark in health and safety, valuing what is most precious: the lives of its employees. We can work together to achieve excellence when carrying out our activities. The Golden Rules are a list of nine simple, tangible conducts that have the aim of supporting Vale’s principal value, which is life matters most. Compliance with the Golden Rules is a requirement of working at Vale and should guide every activity undertaken at the company. We’re talking about a cultural change in which, committed to our lives and the lives of our fellow workers, we work together as a team so that operating results also reflect our self-discipline. That means giving priority to accident prevention, health and the welfare of all, investing in a working environment that is increasingly safe and healthy.


Vale believes that by practicing the Golden Rules, employees will be increasingly removed from the main risks that cause fatal accidents in the company. This way, we will be closer to Zero Harm! To achieve this as a team plays as one to win, we must work together, focused on each others safety and improving our quality of life. That’s why Vale summoned everyone to participate in a major cultural change to improve health and safety called the “Golden Rules”, which has zero harm as its major goal. It’s an ambitious goal, yes, but entirely possible provided that each one does their part and also watches over the safety of their co-workers, pointing out possible risks and preventing accidents.

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We are one of the world’s largest mining company, working with passion to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. Iron ore and nickel continue to be our main businesses while we boost the production capacity of our copper a


Golden Rules

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