How would you feel like if a loved one did not come home?

Title translated into English

How would you feel like if a loved one did not come home?

Film: Duration in minutes

4 minutes

Product description

We chose to select common people, non-actors, from several ages, nationalities, races, and professions. During the shooting, they talked freely about their families, love, and life and, only then, were they presented with the question. The result was a mix of emotions, expressions and feelings, which, in spite of having death as the subject, lead to a contrasting effect, serving as a tribute to the value of life and the importance of respecting it.

Aims and objectives

The goal was an impactful video, which should be neither common-place nor exceed on the emotional load, with people answering to the question: “What would you feel if someone you love didn’t come home one day”?

The Day of Reflection was devised to create a momentum of awareness, reflection, and value for life. Across all Vale’s business units, in both the administrative and operational areas, leaders promoted dialogs on Health and Safety with their teams. The dialogs lasted about 1 hours and consisted of both personal and corporate commitments that can be made to make Vale a safer place to work. We needed a video to generate a strong emotional impact, helping the leader to stimulate employee’s reflection.

Target audience

With a mission to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development, Vale is a global mining company with headquarters in Brazil. Vale has 136,000 workers, including its own employees and contractors (services providers in perman



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