I am Goal Zero

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I am Goal Zero

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3:05 minutes


“I AM GOAL ZERO” is a deep personal commitment to zero harm and zero leaks. Goal Zero means relentlessly pursuing no harm to people and no significant incidents. Life-Saving Rules are a set of “dos & don’ts” covering activities with highest potential safety risk. Both Goal Zero and the Life-Saving Rules are key values that Shell people care and follow.

This video clearly illustrates how Shell operation team in CNS Terminal (situated in Bangkok, Thailand) comply with the rules and intervene each other with respect to promote safety awareness in workplace and prevent incidents not to happen. This video was created as part of Safety Day 2019, a good opportunity to reflect and determine where Shell people can further adjust their behaviors and habits to live Goal Zero – no harm and no leaks – every day.


The purpose of this video is to place an importance on Goal Zero and the Life-Saving Rules, strengthening the safety culture and promoting Shell people to work and go home safely every day.


This video is part of Shell Thailand Safety Day 2019 which is an annual global event that gives Shell employees and contractors the opportunity to take time out to think the safety hazards in their work and share ideas with each other. Safety Day was established as part of Shell journey towards Goal Zero. It brings the whole company together, including Shell contractor partners, to reflect, review and talk about how Shell can look out for one another and maintain their focus on making Shell a safer place.

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All Royal Dutch Shell terminal/depot workforce (from management, supervisors to operators).


Safety Day


Winner of Shell Thailand Safety Day 2019 Media Contest

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