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Incendie au bloc opératoire

Title translated into English

Fire in the operating theatre

Film: Duration in minutes

10 minutes

Product description

The film destined for the information of the staff contains presentation about the risks of fire in operating rooms (real cases from all over the world), the triangle of fire with demonstrations (fire of wood and surgical operation), the dangers in the operating rooms, the means and the manner of extinguishing a fire in an operating room (handling of extinguishers, alarm and detection systems, etc.), the organization of the team and its automatic functioning in the case of fire. Finally, a short clip reminds of the immediate and automatic actions that the staff needs to accomplish in order to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible.

Aims and objectives

Fire is relatively seldom in operating rooms, which can lead to serious injuries, even the deaths of patients and of medical staff, simply because the staff of hospitals and clinics neither know this danger nor are they adequately prepared to react to it. The keyword is fire prevention in the operating room. The aim is general information about the prevention of fire risks which is easy to access, associated with a daily repetition of a short musical clip in each operating room in order to ensure the message and to decrease the risk of fire, of injuries and material damages.

We have chosen the film and the short clip (which we propose to show every day on the PC displays of the operating rooms) because it is impossible to inform and train the medical staff regularly on the fire problematic in operating rooms: sizeable staff, extremely rapid turnovers of staff, extremely different level of training, unavailability of nursing staff for rare problems, absence of leadership in this field.... It is also impossible to organize simulations or to exercise evacuations in the operating rooms.

Target audience

The medical surgeons and anesthetists as well as the whole operating room staff, the responsible persons for security and the technicians of hospitals and clinics, the fire departments called to take action in the hospitals and the operating rooms, the fou

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