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IPAF eLearning

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The eLearning films describes the devices on which the eLearning module can be taken. It then sets out the nature of the online training module explaining that it is split into seven sections using fun quizzes, games and simulations, with a test at the end of each section. Thereafter it is explained how the student must then attend a training centre to be tested on the theoretical knowledge gained in their eLearning module. And of course, how the practical test follows successful completion of the theory test. The film ends with IPAF's contact details.


The film sets out the ways in which IPAF's new eLearning module can support people wishing to take the IPAF MEWP operator course. The message is that the theory part of the IPAF course can be completed online prior to the test at the training centre, and prior to the practical element of the course. The eLearning module can be studied and completed on any mobile device, in the student's own time, thus adding a modern and flexible method of course delivery.


Traditionally the theoretical module of the IPAF MEWP operator course was conducted in a classroom, in an approved training centre, by an IPAF instructor. Modern ways of learning are more diverse. Looking at the way people learn today, in terms of methods of delivery, use of online tools and the demand for more flexibility and accessibility of training courses, IPAF has added this option to better serve operators in a modern world.

Target Group

Anyone wishing to take the IPAF operator course

Contact details Editor

Unit1 - IPAF Moss End Business Village , United Kingdom-LA7 7NU Crooklands

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Bolt Learning Ltd
Queen Charlotte Lane3, United Kingdom-EH6 6AY Edinburgh