(K)ein normaler Tag

Title translated into English

An (un)usual day

Film: Duration in minutes

9.41 minutes

Product description

An employee is released from the hospital. She has been treated 6 weeks in hospital after an serious accident with consequences; she had fallen down the stairs of an administration building. Looking back, she reports how the accident had happened and in this context points out to other potential hazards in the office and administration (electricity, improper practices, climbing, fire danger, work-related stress). At the end of the film she says, "In future, I don´t let put pressure on me and I'm going to use the handrail when climbing stairs. And if only one accident less will occur in the office, the discription of my accident was of value."

Aims and objectives

Lack of awareness of the risks in the workplace can lead to serious accidents. A film (multivision)that will raise awareness of the hazards in the office.

There is hardly a German speaking film that in an emotionally moving way - emphasizes the risks in the office. The technique of multivision is a suitable method to raise awareness and contributes to behavioural change.

Target audience

Managers/executives, safety professionals, employees representative body

Contact details Editor

Jürgen Walter Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
Lindenstr.212, Germany-40235 Düsseldorf
49(0)211698969949(0)2116989695 www.walter-beratung.de

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Filmschmiede Candy Riedel
Straßfurter Str.30, Germany-39444 Hecklingen
+49(0)3925284858+49(0)2116989695 www.filmschmiede.com